Friday, August 15, 2014

30 Days to Hands on Play Challenge; Day 3

Day 3: Build with blocks.

We don't have blocks in the house so we just used what we had; birthday party cups. I stacked, Bunny stacked, Bunny knocked them over, we laughed. Over and over and over. After a few tries, she figured out that they fit inside each other and it was a new game. She piled them all up then took them apart.

 Learning through play. The very best way.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

30 Days to Hands on Play Challenge; Day 2

Day 2:  build a fort.

So today, we took a walk into my childhood. I remember building huge forts that spanned the length of my neighbor's basement. Chairs, blankets, tables, whatever we could find. And then we would make toast with cartoon characters pressed into it. Does anyone remember that? Ah, memories.

Today, though, we just pulled out the ottoman and draped a large blanket across the opening. Despite my crawling on the floor, Bunny had no interested in being under the blanket. The fun for her lied in jumping into it and rolling around in the open space.

And herein lies the lesson, the exact reason we are doing this challenge. She didn't play in the fort in the traditional way but there was no need for me to direct her to do so. She was having so much fun it didn't matter.

Find the joy in the everyday.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

30 Days to Hands on Play Challenge;; Day 1

What is the challenge? 
To spend every day this month playing with our children:

  • for at least 15 minutes a day
  • without any interruptions
  • trying out a new range of ideas and activities
Day 1: Spend a little bit of time thinking about this challenge. What do you hope to gain? Think about your child (or children) What do they really love doing? What are they good at? Their special interests? This will be really helpful as the challenge unfolds.
I know a lot of people may be doing this because life can get so busy and they want to make more time for their children but I am lucky enough to stay home every day with Bunny. We spend far more than 15 minutes a day doing activities without interruption. The sheer number of times I have read This Is Not A Pumpkin this week will vouch for that. Instead, I want to find inspiration in this challenge, as the third tab says, trying out a new range of ideas and activities.
Bunny dives into everything with arms wide open and I love that about her. It is a trait I find many people could use more of, including myself. So, in doing this challenge, I am not necessarily looking to gain anything more than the experiences.

If you are interested in doing this challenge as well, this is the link. Let me know, too, so I can see all the wonderful new things you experience with your little ones!