Tuesday, July 15, 2014

It's Birthday Week!

It's birthday week here at Orange Sippy Cup! That is to say my teeny, tiny baby girl is 7 days away from being a year old. Since OSC is a brand new blog, I will save the fun & prizes for everyone for next year. This year, I will just inundate you with crafty birthday things, pictures of my daughter and tales of the tears I am shedding thinking about this monumental occasion.

Since today began the countdown, we hung up our Birthday Wreath. In the future, I think I will add a brightly-colored wooden letter for whoever's birthday it is. But, for now, it's simply a rainbow assortment of balloons, ribbon and pipe cleaners.

If you want to make your own, here is what I did. These links are not sponsored, they are just to help you see the materials I actually used.

Birthday Celebration Wreath


styrofoam wreath (any size)
multicolored balloons
floral pins
pipe cleaners, ribbon, ect


Place two different colored balloons in opposite directions on one floral pin and slide them to the end.

Holding the balloons in place, simply push the floral pins through the styrofoam wreath. Be cautions, though, as the pins can go completely through the styrofoam. It is very easy to stab yourself in the hand.

Continue this all the way around the wreath. This was actually the hardest part for me because I had to remind myself not to be a crazy person about what colors were next to each other. This took me just over 2 small bags of balloons.

Once you've placed your balloons all the way around the wreath, take a step back and make sure you don't have any gaps that need more balloons.

Add any decorative pieces such as pipe cleaners or ribbon using the floral pins.


Add a hanger. I used the same ribbon I used in the wreath, in yellow. At first, I only used the floral pins but they weren't strong enough. I tied the ribbon around the wreath, under the balloons, and secured it using floral pins.

And there you have it! A fairly simple birthday craft! This could easily be done with any color balloons to match your party decor. I considered using red, black and yellow because Audie's party theme is Mickey Mouse but since we wanted to use this more than once, I just went with something festive!

If you have any questions or snags along your wreath-making journey, feel free to let me know! I would love to help you!


  1. That's a cool wreath! I'll give that try in October for Ryan's birthday party ;)

    1. you totally should! it was surprisingly easy. :)

  2. TOO MUCH WORK FOR ME!!!! haha.

    Those wreaths are super cute though. I love wreaths...haha.